Upcoming Events

SEPAC Open Meeting

Date: Tuesday, February 13
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Joyce Middle School

It’s a time of change and opportunity! Woburn has a new Superintendent of Schools, and the SEPAC is looking for a new Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Join us on Tuesday, February 13 for information and nominations.

The SEPAC is always looking for ideas for Programming, Events or Workshops. Please contact us if you have a suggestion or have a venue to offer.

SEPAC@Play For Kids
Open play and socializing events for preschool through elementary aged children and parents. (please note parents must accompany children, this is not a drop-off event.)

Upcoming Kids’ Meet Up Dates:
Check back for updates.

SEPAC@Play For Adults
A night out with great people and good conversation. Parents and caregivers welcome. When at public venue, space will be reserved for Woburn SEPAC. You may purchase beverages/food at your discretion.

Upcoming Parent’s Night Out Dates:
Check back for updates.