Meet the Board

 In their own words…

Elissa Milto, President

“I am excited to be involved with SEPAC, working with families and the school district to improve the lives of students with disabilities and their families. I believe there is power in families working together to make change. As President, I hope that I will be able to help parents feel confident that their children’s experiences in school will help them obtain the skills they need to live a full life, and to help strengthen relationships between families and the school district. For my own child, I want him to be happy, be able to have a job that he enjoys, and to have close personal connections. I hope that through working with other parents in SEPAC, we can all work toward those things for our children.”

“My background is in education and social work. I taught high school students with special needs. Before that, I worked with children and adults with disabilities to help them live better lives and access resources that would help them participate more fully in their communities. Although my current job does not focus specifically on children with special needs, I am part of an engineering department at a local university and focus on ways that all students in K-12 can participate as equal members of the classroom when in engaged in hands-on, engineering design projects. I also participate in research looking at how children with autism can improve social skills while engineering in groups.”

“Of course, even more important to me than my work, is my own children. I am so proud of what they have accomplished and how hard they work.”


Jenie Thistle-Balotta, Secretary

“As a  former SEPAC chair, I was excited to rejoin the board as Secretary. I have many years experience as a special education teacher and a reading specialist, and I hope that I am able to use both my professional knowledge and personal experiences to support other families with children with special needs within the community. I spend most of my time with my husband, two boys, and our dog, Mozzie. As a family, we love participating in club soccer and scouting. As the Activities Director of Woburn’s Cub Scout Pack 502, I have been thrilled to see what can happen when parents work together to create an inclusive environment for all types of children.”


Adam Chapman, Treasurer

“I’ve been involved with the SEPAC for over five years now: first as a volunteer, then as the de facto webmaster, and finally as coordinator of our annual College Fair (the last Wednesday of every March; save the date). Naturally, the next progression was to join the executive board.”

“While my title is Treasurer, my role still encompasses the website, social media platforms, and events for the SEPAC. We all do a lot here, because there’s a lot to do. As my colleagues have said so well, our goal is to provide a resource for families of students with disabilities and differences, to work with the district toward better communication and organization, and to build community in an inclusive and positive way.”

“Along with my SEPAC responsibilities, I juggle my job in broadcasting, advocating for my teenage son, and caring for my 10-year-old daughter along side their amazing mom. I try to get outdoors as much as possible, too: snowboarding in the winter, swimming in the summer, and hiking in the spring and fall.”